An Everyday Choice

If you’re like me, I thought for a long time that missionaries were somehow super-Christians who always had it together spiritually. I’m discovering that, even though I have the ‘title’ of missionary, all it means is that my struggles become more public. Reality is that I need to place Christ on the throne of my life every day or I end up paying the consequences. Fortunately, I have a Savior, intercessor, who loves me and never stops desiring a relationship with me.

I’m empty, I’m broken

Through no fault but my own.

I’ve lived life without You

Placed idols on Your throne.

I looked to them for comfort,

Significance, and more;

Their broken promises have left me

Shattered to my core.

I know I don’t deserve another try –

To honor what You offered when You chose to die.

But, humbly, I bow before You and

Through my tears I whisper:

Lord, be merciful to me

Grant mercy to this sinner.

Be merciful to me;

Though I deserve none.

Purify my soul;

Cleanse me, make me whole;

Intercessor, by God’s throne

Be merciful.

  1. The reality of our lives is that SELF keeps us so busy focused on other things that rarely do we take time to look at the throne. Maybe an appropriate greeting for many us would be “Have you looked at the THRONE lately?” We are praying for you as fellow servants, serving a patient and Glorious Savior. Yours for HIS glory,PAS

  2. Me too!! GOD is helping me to realize that missionaries and Pastors and Pastor’s families are just people that need prayer, encouragement , and love a whole lot more than I think, because they are in the public more. They are sinners saved by grace just like me, not superChristians. No such creature.Isn’t GOD good to choose to bring us into HIS family and allow us to minister to others?!?!?! I will never get over that. Keep trusting and praying and waiting and loving. GOD will answer. ~K~

  3. Thanks for your comments. May God grant that all of us would find the time to remember God’s throne and the grace freely offered there AND take advantage of it because we all are in desperate need of it in order to see God work mightily in our lives and churches!

  4. Kathy, just wanted to thank you for your gifts of acceptance and encouragement. You are a blessing to me!

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