Alyssa’s Challenge

As an Impact leader, I have to be ready to share my testimony.  Today I was thinking, “What would I share?”  I think I would start off by asking the question: “How many of you know me?”  Sounds simple enough right?  Then I would tell them that they lied.  Not intentionally, but they lied.  How many times do we go through life and say “Hey, I know ……”; when in reality we really don’t?  So many times we confuse knowing about someone with knowing who they are as a person.  We do this not only with the people we interact with on a daily basis, but also with God.  As Christians we should not only know about God, but we should know God as a good friend.  Knowing about someone is NOT the same as knowing them as a person.  Today I challenge you to not just know about God and others; but to really know them for who they are.


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