Month: September 2010

No Way!

Sometimes I read passages in the Bible that frankly, I find hard to believe.  My immediate reaction is, "There is no way!"  I've spent the last week [...]

Precious Jewels – Precious Prayers

We take partnership seriously.  We value our partners immensely.  That's why we take pictures of our Prayer and Financial Partners.  We want to remember and [...]

Science Show

One of my spiritual gifts is teaching. I love to explain things to younger kids. I also love science. Lately, I’ve been attempting to combine those two [...]

More Good News

God continues to provide us with partners, FIVE more PRAYER PARTNERS this week.  This is a joy for us and a victory for all of you who pray for us and ask God [...]

Alyssa’s Challenge

As an Impact leader, I have to be ready to share my testimony.  Today I was thinking, "What would I share?"  I think I would start off by asking the [...]

Becca’s Getting Ready

School is almost here and I’ll have even more responsibility this year. I’m in the sixth grade and still eleven. Right now I’m getting ready for two [...]