I Love Camp

I love camp.  The reason I love it so much is because it builds great habits.  I have always had a hard time trying to have my devotions on a daily basis.  I don’t know how but something finally clicked inside.  Since camp I have only missed having my devotions two times the entire summer!  The more time I spend in God’s Word, the more the Bible seems to make sense.  Through my devotions I have made some awesome connections and learned things I never knew or thought about before.  This year I also was challenged to get an accountability partner.  All I can say was it was so GOD!   I thought about asking one of my best girl friends to be my accountability partner.  When I asked her she was very enthusiastic and excited about it.  In fact, she had been wanting to ask me the same question! Thanks to God and to camp I now have an accountability partner and I have an amazing devotion time each day.

  1. I’m so glad that camp has helped you to do more with your devotions, and to find an accountability partner – it’s so neat to hear how God has worked through the camp in your life – thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. PTL Lyss! I pray that same prayer for my boys and each of their cousins…the Lord will bless your obedience…isn’t that soooo exciting?!
    And as for camp, well all I can say is CAMP IS AWESOME!!

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