$15.66.  That amount appeared in our Outfit and Passage fund this week.  Someone in our home church had given it anonymously.

I wonder about the amount.  Why the 66 cents?  Did someone give us everything they had in their pocket that day?  Was it the interest earned on their accounts?  Did they throw in their change?  I know Mara and I like to save our change and use it to make microloans to poor entrepreneurs.  Is that what happened here?  There is a good chance I’ll never know.  But this I know – God noticed the gift and we appreciate the gift.  Thank you friends and partners for prayers and for your gifts both big and small!

PS – Your gifts and commitments are having a noticeable affect.  We now have 31% of our support and almost 30% of our O&P funds!

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  1. now who would do such a thing as that, give all he had in his pocket? ; )
    i wonder from time to time how your loans are doing…so thankful you shared that w/me.

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