Let Me Hear Your War Cry!

Now that I’m ‘over-the-hill’, I run into a lot of ‘been there, done that’ situations, but I had a new one the other day: being witnessed to by a Satanist on fb. God has allowed me the privilege of becoming friends with several teens who do not claim Christ. The challenge I face is speaking truth (which is offensive) without being offensive myself. It’s a great way to develop your ‘pray without ceasing’ skills! My conversation the other day was a solemn reminder that Satan is a counterfeiter and Christians can only hope to win through prayer. The next day, as I was praying for this teen, I found myself saying, “Satan, you can’t have ______. I’m asking God to claim this one for His own!” Better still, I’m not on this re-con mission alone. Several teens from my youth group are on it with me. (I love the body of Christ!) So, those of you, who like me, are stepping between Satan and his target: never, never, never give up; fight the good fight fellow soldier; God will win this war!

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