Month: July 2010

Now Look What You Did (Newsletter)

Click on the link below to read our newsletter and to find out what you and God are responsible for doing:) ourPortugalStory - chp 06 - 2010 Aug Thanks [...]

Direct Access

We're discovering during our preparations for moving to Portugal to: be prepared for a run-around; plan for delays; expect paperwork. Today, I found myself [...]

Almost a Nightmare

Over two years in the planning, it started off as a dream vacation - 4 families with 11 kids spending the week in a beautiful log cabin in the Pocono [...]

Changes For Me

School is over! No more homework, learning, and staying still inside. One thing this means is I can’t share Jesus with my unsaved friends until summer ends. [...]

Let Me Hear Your War Cry!

Now that I’m ‘over-the-hill’, I run into a lot of ‘been there, done that’ situations, but I had a new one the other day: being witnessed to by a [...]

I Made a Commitment to…

So I was just at camp for the week and God really got my attention.  Our speaker was a man named Mark Davis from Faith Baptist Bible College in Iowa.  What [...]

School Surprise (God-Style)

Near the end of school, I had an unexpected thing happen. On school fun day, during the ‘fill-the-bucket-challenge’, I noticed one of my friends looked [...]