Not Ashamed

In Romans 1, Paul contrasts righteousness with unrighteousness.  Righteousness begins and ends with faith.  The righteous man believes the truth about God; that is God exists, is worthy of worship, and must be obeyed.  Unrighteousness begins with suppressing the truth that is known.  The unrighteous man refuses to acknowledge God’s existence, chooses to worship something created rather than the Creator, and practices and approves of disobedience of God’s decrees.  Righteousness results in salvation.  Unrighteousness results in wrath.

It is no wonder Paul is not ashamed of the Gospel.  (1) It is rooted in truth.  (2) It honors, rather than insults, the Creator.  (3) It results in salvation rather than a degrading life ending with destruction.

Today, may I not be ashamed to live and share the Gospel.

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