Mara Has a Cow & We’re Two Steps Closer

When we were at Candidate School last July they told us about a program that connects missionaries, farmers, and donors.  The program enables farmers, who are almost always asset-rich but financially poor, to assist with missions.  Donors donate funds to purchase seed or a calf which the farmer grows or raises in addition to their own crops or herds.  At the appropriate time, the farmer sells the produce or cow and donates the money to missions.  Ever since hearing about the program, Mara has always wanted a cow, not to raise herself, but to have someone raise on our behalf.  This week, a friend informed us that he was raising a steer which he planned to sell and donate the proceeds to our account.  Mara finally has her cow thanks to our farmer friends.

Speaking of friends, two other friends chose to be a Financial Partners.  Their commitment represents two percent of our monthly need so we are “two steps” closer to going to Portugal.

FYI – We’re still praying for God’s will regarding going to training at ABWE in July.  We need to get to 50% in the next few days and thanks to God and our friends we’re at 25% as of today.   God is good.

  1. This is really cool you guys! Phil and I will be praying as you plan and raise support for Portugal. I signed up for your email updates =o)

  2. That’s really wonderful how God is providing for you! That raising cows idea is awesome!
    When I saw the title was ‘Mara has a cow’, I wasn’t sure if that was literal or figurative. 🙂 Prayed for your family this morning! 🙂

  3. When I saw the title “Mara has a cow” I was intrigued….very cool how God is working. Praying for you guys.

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