All We Need is a Miracle

The most frequently asked question we get is, “Do you have a time frame for when you’re hoping to be in Portugal?”  The answer is, “No but we do have some points of concern we’re talking to God about.”  From there we usually explain that Alyssa is a sophomore and would like to be part of the Portugal ministry so in our finite minds it makes sense to go to Portugal this fall.  After a few more comments, we usually add, “All we need is a miracle.”

I’ve been studying John 4:46-53 for a few weeks.  One of the key takeaways from that text is we want big miracles; we need big faith.  Through every desperate situation God is at work trying to build my faith.  It is big faith that meaningfully connects me to my big God.  It is big faith that sustains me during the crisis.  Therefore, big faith, absolute confidence in the person and promises of God, is what I need.  Financial support, training, and paperwork may get us to Portugal, but only God can keep us there and make us effective.  So while I pray for a miracle, I commit myself to holding on to my faith and allowing God to build it.

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