Step of Faith²

A couple of weeks ago, my dad was a speaker at our State Fellowship’s Youth Seminar. The theme was ‘Unshackled”.  My father had been asked to lead a session entitled “Free to Clash.” He asked four of us Impact leaders to help him help teach the session. Each of us had two parts: we explained a letter of the acronym SAVE and helped tell the story of our youth group and Impact club emphasizing how the ‘titanium rule’ has helped make those groups successful.  When we first arrived at the event, I was seriously stressed out because I don’t like talking to large groups of people and we were scheduled to speak to about 35 kids each session. So, during the chapel worship session, I talked to God and told Him that I needed help and He gave me His peace.  I was able to focus on getting the message across and not on how nervous I should be. I definitely don’t want to make a practice of speaking to large groups of people, but it was awesome to experience God’s help to do something He wanted me to do.

  1. Alyssa, That is great to hear. GOD never gives us a job to do without equipping us to do it. That is a sentence that someone you know very well has told us here at Faith Baptist. I have found it true in my life. HE is there to help you each step of the way and you can look back and see how HE has helped you in the past and it gives you faith to do the next thing HE asks you to do. Praying for all of you.

  2. It’s so neat to hear how God is working through you, Alyssa, and I’m glad it went well! Lots of us were praying for you, and I’m sure the teens who heard you speak were encouraged by what God said through you. 🙂

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