Missing My Friends

I’ve been thinking lately about how scary it will be to move to Portugal and leave my friends behind.  I’ve made some good friends at Panama School and it will be hard to leave them. When I told my mom how I was feeling, she reminded me that our switch from a Christian school to Panama had been practice for when we would have to go to Portugal.  And so I’m trying to spend some good time with my friends before I go. And I’m trusting God that He will help me make new friends when I get to Portugal.

  1. Dear Rebecca, Thanks for sharing your feelings. I thought you would feel that way about leaving your friends. I know that I would. You will make new friends in Portugal. How neat is that!!!!!!! Praise the LORD for His friends and family wherever we go!!!

  2. That’s a good attitude, Becca – I’m glad you’re able to keep in mind what God has helped you to do in other transitions – and He will continue to help you as you move to Portugal, too!

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