Learning a Lesson

My dad has been trying hard to help me learn to use a list to help me remember to do all the truly important things each day.  I’ve gotten better, but still have trouble remembering to actually look at the list on my own; so, my dad came up with a really cool plan. He bought me a game for my Nintendo DS and told me that if I would follow the list on my own for two weeks, he would let me have the game, but if I didn’t follow the list faithfully, he would return the game.  I LOVE playing Nintendo games, so I really want to get this new game. I’ve been asking God to help me remember to do my list and so far, it’s been working. It’s nice to have God’s help, but I need to ask for it every day. I hope I can learn the lesson.

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  1. Jon, I am the exact same way with lists! I love making lists so I don’t forget anything I have to do, but I often forget to look at it! 🙂 I have a journal and I make my lists for each day in there, and write down funny stuff that happens each day that I want to remember, too. That way I won’t lose the list & forget where I put it either. 🙂

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