Gaining Wisdom

I had the privilege of talking with my grandpa this weekend. He usually talks and I usually listen. He often rambles on about all kinds of stuff, but, hidden in the folds of his stories, I always find wisdom. This time was no exception. He gave me two pieces that spoke to right where I’m at in a couple of spiritual struggles: (1) When God is involved in what you’re doing, you will never fail; and (2) We often want God to step up to the blackboard when it comes to knowing our future, but where would that leave our faith? I’m so blessed to have a godly grandpa who shares what God has taught him over the years! 🙂

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  1. You are indeed blessed. We are all working hard on the upcoming retirement of your Dad. Today, he gave his resignation announcement. I was in King’s Kids with Meg. Alex happened to turn up the speaker, so that we could hear where they were in the service, when I heard your Dad weeping.I don’t think there was a dry eye in the church. I have warned Meg that we need boxes of Kleenex throughout the church during the next two months. I know I am bringing mine. A priviledge to know your Mom and Dad and your whole family. You are blessed. ~K~

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