Why Me?

Now, don’t be afraid, this is not a pity party for all to read. Instead, it’s a confession of wonderment – why would God have picked me? Why does God keep chasing me down when I fail Him or walk away? Why does He patiently keep growing me – and I mean patiently! How do I rate, that God would give me favor in other’s eyes so they would give of their prayers, their time, and/or their money to help me be able to minister for Christ in Portugal?

When God first began to lay missions on Andy and my hearts, we were both like, “Who, us? We aren’t missionary material.” Obviously God had other ideas. All we can begin to account this to is a prayer we had been praying for several years. “God, we want to be doing something You consider to be strategic. We can’t be content just ‘doing church’ every week.”  We weren’t unhappy. We loved our church and the people in it. We loved our community and would have been content to stay here ‘til we died. We’ve seen God doing some great things in our church – our people are awesome – they have chosen to make some really tough changes to be able to reach out to community people and keep their young people and families coming.  But, we were missing that part of your Christian walk where you watch things happen and say, “Only God could have done that!” Or, when you’re given an assignment and you say, “God, if You don’t step in and help me with this, this is going to be such an epic fail.” (‘Epic fail’ is used around here for when you try something and it goes so badly people just kind of shake their heads in disbelief.)

Anyway, today was one of those days when I just found it really hard to believe that God would choose to send ordinary me.  A day when I can’t hardly believe I’m not going to something incredibly stupid that would disqualify me from being in this place where I get to see just how God is going to make all this seemingly impossible stuff happen.  It’s incredibly scary but incredibly exciting. I sure hope you get to see God do awesome things only He can do in your life and ministry too. In fact, I’d love to hear about them from you…

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