Now or Later

One of the ideas that God has been keeping in front of me lately is that often He gives us an assignment or a direction to head but doesn’t give us any indication of the timing He has in mind. Think Abraham – he knew God would give him posterity – then he waited, and waited, and waited. Or think Mary – she would bear the Messsiah – no waiting whatsoever. My family has been tasked to go share the gospel with Portuguese people. We need to complete training, raise our financial and prayer supporters, and raise our O&P funds. We also have to share the story of how  God called us with whatever churches God has in mind.  God knows how long those things will take.  I go back and forth between wanting to be ready to go NOW and wanting to go later; sometimes several times a day. What I need to do is be content to focus on the ministry God has for me right now and leave the timing up to God. I need to decide to be ready for any possibility.

  1. That would be so hard – I am such a planner, I love to know what’s going on & plan ahead, I would have a really hard time not knowing when I would have to be ready to leave & all. Praying for you guys!

  2. Thanks, Mara, for the great reminder! I try to keep reminding myself that my job is to keep my life with God where it needs to be, doing what He wants me to do today and not “help” his timetable.

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