Learning Compassion

There’s this kid in school who, has a lot of trouble behaving well. One day, I wondered to myself, “I wonder what it’s like to be in his shoes?”  It kind of made me a little scared because I wouldn’t want to be him. I talked to my parents about what happened and how I felt. They told me that trying to figure out how other people feel, and why they do what they do is helpful to being a Christian that has compassion for other people. So I decided that, rather than feel scared, I would pray for this kid to make wise behavior choices every day. God answered my prayers. Pretty soon, he was getting free time every day because his behavior had improved so much. One day, during lunch, he saw me praying and asked me why I was praying. I told him I was asking God to help him with his behavior. He was really glad that I had done it and told me he believed that my prayers were what had been helping him too. He told me he might come to church sometime. I’m sure glad God let me help someone else.


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