You Deserve a Break Today

So, if you’re like me, you tend to choose music to listen to which reflects the mood you’re in. Lately, I’ve been camping out in the “God, please help or I’m going to fall apart” song selections. Songs like “You Are My Strength” by Reuben Morgan

“You are my strength, strength like no other…You are my hope, hope like no other”

“Jesus” by Robert Pierre

So even when I stumble and my world is torn apart, there is One who’s holding my heart.  Any desperate day, one word I can pray, all I know to say, Jesus.

and “O the Deep, Deep Love” by Sovereign Grace Music.

How He watches o’er His loved ones, those He died to make His own; How for them He’s interceding, pleading now before the throne.

Or, if I’m not there, I tend to be listening to songs that remind me of the truths I need to cling to when life feels topsy-turvy/impossible like “Faithful” by Fee

Your Word will endure, without change, it is sure, on Your promises we will stand secure…. Faithful, You are ever faithful to us God

“Relentless” by Journey Home

Your love is endless, You are relentless… You never stop chasing after me

and “Greater Still” by Awaken

consider anything this world could ever give – You are greater still.

But, while it’s comforting to remember that God is always there for me, and will grant me what I need to complete the tasks He’s set before me; and it’s vital to keep in mind just how amazing and capable God is – how full of love, grace, and mercy – ; the songs I treasure most are the ones that encourage me to spend time with that God. These are the songs which compel me to stop and ‘Be Still’; to bow down and worship; to practice solitude; for it is in these times when I am renewed in strength, refreshed in spirit,  healed from life’s hurts, and given perspective on the circumstances I find myself in.  “Your Ways Are Higher” by Chris Nesbitt , “Ascribe” by Justin Rizzo and Jill Marsh, and David Crowder’s album Church Music are a few of these songs.

Oh, and in case you missed it, it’s not my natural inclination to say, “Hmmm…I’m out- of- sorts. I’m feeling overwhelmed. I should go spend some quality time with God.”  No, my natural inclination is to say, “Hmmm…. I’m out of sorts, I must need chocolate. I’m feeling overwhelmed, I need to take a break and read a good book for fun.”  That’s why I put that last category of songs in my everyday playlist – so I would be reminded that when I’m out-of-sorts and overwhelmed what I really need is time alone with God.

So, are you like me? Have you been working hard trying to balance all the roles you fulfill? Have you had some people take you out lately? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Then you deserve a break today – spend some quality time with Someone who will care for you and send you back at it with His perspective and ability to love well and cope with the disappointments that will come your way.

  1. Yes, I often turn to chocolate or ice cream as well. 🙂 OR caffeine if it’s morning & the kids are driving me nuts. 😉 But I am learning that turning to Christ is the only thing that truly satisfies, and you are so right that music can be such a help in that area. When you’re super busy and you ‘don’t have time’ time to spend in the Word, you can turn on music in the car or house as you do your work & be encouraged & convicted & praise God through song, and it is such a blessing.

  2. This reminds me of camp and one of the favorite mottos, “you need some time in the wilderness” (aka time with the Lord).
    This also make me feel seriously behind in the times in regard to music…I need to check out your playlist sometime and download some new stuff!

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