By faith, I choose to reject my former rules of life (comfort and image) and make decisions based upon (1) the Titanium Rule, (2) the fear of God, and (3) my specific assignment.  To do this, I’ll ask and answer the following questions:
• How is God treating me?  (instead of focusing on how people are treating me)
• What is the wise thing to do?  (instead of what does my flesh feel like doing)
• What will I be held accountable for?  (instead of what are people, pressures, or my task list telling me to do)
God is really working in this area of my life right now.  I wanted him to work on bringing in financial support for Portugal, but he has chosen to work here.  My flesh is discouraged, tired, and wants to quit.  It is screaming self-protective, God-doubting, ministry-abdicating, fear-succumbing thoughts.  There is a battle taking place for my mind and emotions.  I can see why God would choose to work in this area at this time.  The truth is, knowing God, he’s probably also working on the financial support thing too:)
  1. Wow, that question – “What will I be held accountable for?” is so important – I wish I always thought in those terms instead of what seems urgent – Z’s discipline is SO much more important than housework, but I don’t always act like it…

  2. (wiping tear from eye…ok, maybe more than one)
    Amen brother…don’t stop preaching to the choir…we need it too!
    : )

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