Résumé or Rolodex?

Matthew 18:1-4 contains the account of the disciples asking Jesus about rank in the Kingdom of Heaven.  I’m speculating that they assumed one of two answers would be given: accomplishments or acquaintances.   In other words, “Jesus, will my rank be determined by what I did or who I knew?”  Will it come down to performance?  Will the greatest in the Kingdom be those who did the most or led the biggest ministries?  Or will it come down to personalities?  Will the greatest be the one who sat closest to Jesus and knew him best?  Is it résumé or Rolodex?

No doubt Jesus shocked them by pointing out that rank wasn’t the primary issue – meeting the entrance requirements of the Kingdom comes first.  Unless they humbled themselves like children, they weren’t even going to get in!  Then he answered the question.  Rank is based upon character.  God is looking for humility!

Lord, help me to reject this world’s value system and embrace what is valuable in your sight.  Help me to be humble.

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