Open Door

Recently a reporter contacted me (Andy).  He had read about the student-led Bible studies in our local public school in the school’s newsletter.  He called the school and they directed him to me because I serve as advisor to the student leaders.  As a result, he spent two days with us.  The first day he observed our student leaders preparing for the next day.  He picked their minds, desiring to know why they did what they did and how they were able to get so many students to attend each week.  They informed him that their goal is to create an environment where everyone feels like they belong and are encouraged to take a step of faith.  They rehearsed the essential components of the program and how they combine tools to achieve their goals.  They shared success stories of lives changed by the Bible studies.  Then they presented him with a copy of The Story of Hope – a chronological telling of the story of God that leads to an inductive discovery of eight essential truths of God.  The second day, he returned to see it all in action.  All this resulted in an excellent newspaper article, an encouraged group of leaders, many positive comments from the community, and a seed planted.  God is good!

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